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Interviewing women that are impacting their families, communities & industries by leading like Queens!

Queens lead is a platform for you to inspire fellow queens! Lead the way by showing others what you do and what sets you apart as an expert.

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Previous Guests

Dorothy Enriquez

Dorothy Enriquez

CEO of The Ellevate Collective

Dorothy is a powerhouse- her new book Be Accountable, Be Fabulous is what we all really need to take ownership of our lives & our paths.

Diane Gilman

Diane Gilman

Fashion icon, TV personality, Book author, Cancer survivor, Septuagenarian.

She's nearing her 80s, and hosting a podcast to inspire the aging women of society. You're NOT too old, you don't need to toss yourself out of this game. There's so much more life to be led.

Connor Quinn

Connor Quinn

Voice over professional actor

Connor has worked with Sesame Street, Disney, Visa, Audi, Braum's, and Hite Digital Norman! Now we're turning the mic on the host & getting the real-real you wanna know

About Amy & the show

Amy Singleton is on a mission to elevate all those around her. She brings joy and enthusiasm to everything she does.

On this podcast I want to do 3 things:


I want to highlight women who are doing great things in business & communities.


Tell the stories of women business owners who are impacting their own families, communities & industries.


Shine a light on the Queens of this world to help them assume their position as the creators, influencers and doers among us.

New Episodes

Every Wednesday

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